Ajou Exchange Program


(Updated on Sept. 11, 2018)


Ajou University
Name of institution Ajou University     │ 亚洲大学  │ 아주대학교
Location Suwon (水源), Greater Seoul, South Korea
Office involved with


Office of International Affairs (OIA)
Mailing Address

(for courier deliveries)

Office of International Affairs (Yulgok Hall 312) International Exchange and Cooperation

Ajou University

206 Worldcup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 16499, KOREA

Institution’s website www.ajou.ac.kr/en
Contact information Vice President for Professor, School of Business
International Affairs
Dr. Jay Lim, Ph.D



Overall management

Ms. Jae-Eun Kim jekim@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-2921
Program Manager Exchange Program Management
Ms. Alice Lee yjlee@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-2922
Incoming Program Coordinator Incoming student program
Ms. Gloria Seo incoming@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-2923
Outgoing Program Coordinator Outgoing student program
Mr. Hyukin Kwon exch@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-2926
Short-term Program Coordinator Short-term programs
Ms. Eun Saem Kang exch@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-3314
Coordinator Global internship program
Ms. Hyeyoung Namgung globalintern@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-3521
Coordinator Int’l student’s services
Ms. Jihye Hwang incoming@ajou.ac.kr
Tel: +82-31-219-3522



Academic Information
Academic calendar Ÿ   Spring Semester: March to Mid-June (16 weeks) (2019 Spring: 1st week of March to 3rd week of June)


Ÿ   Fall Semester: Late August to Mid-December (16 weeks) (2019 Fall: 1st week of September to 3rd week of December)


Ÿ   http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter20_01.jsp

Full-time workload Exchange students usually take 3 to 6 courses per semester based on 3 credits per course. 3 credits course consists of 48-hour workload.


No minimum workload is required. Maximum workload allowed per semester is

19 credits (usually 6~7 courses)

Information on courses open to exchange students Consistent with its emphasis on global education, Ajou University offers a variety of courses taught in English. Currently, more than 300 students from various countries study at Ajou thorough our student exchange programs.


At Ajou University, exchange students are enrolled as undergraduate regardless of students’ level of studies at their home university.


In case students are graduate(master) at their home university, they can take up to 6 credits of graduate(mater) courses at Ajou, but should go through prior approval of each professor. If graduate(mater) students take undergraduate courses at Ajou, they should check with their home university if undergraduate credits at Ajou can be transferred or not.

Course list & descriptions The updated list of courses is confirmed two months before each semester. Please refer to the existing course list respectively as a reference to the courses to be offered in the same semester. http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter21.jsp
Grading System [Undergraduate]                                                       [Postgraduate]
Academic Transcript An Original academic transcript will be mailed to the home university within 2 months after the semester ends. If students need to have an extra academic transcript, they should directly contact Ajou Service Center.



Ajou International programs
Website for exchange students •               Spring/ Fall Semester http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter17.jsp
Programs open to

international students

Ÿ   Exchange program (Regular semester program, Spring and Fall semester)
Study Period •                One or Two semester(s)
Type of status •                Exchange student from partner university or ISEP member university

–        counted as 1 spot of exchange for regular semester

–        100% tuition waiver


•                Non-exchange student from partner university

–        Nomination discussed with students’ home university

–        not counted as exchange spot

–        up to 50% tuition waiver


•                Visiting student from non-partner university

–        full tuition pay at Ajou

Student withdrawal policy •                Before arrival at Ajou

Students should inform to their home university and the home university

coordinator informs student’s withdrawal to Ajou. It will not be counted towards 1 spot of exchange.


•                After arrival at Ajou

In case student informs the withdrawal after arrival Ajou, it will be counted

towards 1 spot of exchange.

Application procedure
Information on application procedure Ÿ   Spring/ Fall Semester http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter18.jsp
Nomination deadline Partner universities need to discuss the number of students before the nomination and should email the nominated students’ information to Ajou.

The nomination form will be emailed to partner universities in February and August.


Ÿ   Spring Semester                             –     November 1

Ÿ   Fall Semester                                   –     May 1

Application deadline Nominated students should submit an online application within the deadline.


Ÿ   Exchange for Spring Semester     –     October 1 to November 15

Ÿ   Exchange for Fall Semester          –     April 1 to May 15

How to apply Ÿ   Online Application http://haksa.ajou.ac.kr/inteWeb.html


Ÿ   Application guideline http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter19.jsp



Eligibility Ÿ   Exchange students must be nominated by the Ajou’s exchange partner university or through ISEP (International Student Exchange Program).


Ÿ   Exchange students must be a full-time student in one of Ajou’s exchange partner universities and have completed at least 1 semester of study at home university.


Ÿ   Students from a non-partner university should have completed at least 1 semester of study at home university and  meet  the  requirement  of  above 3.0/4.5 on GPA and the language proficiency.

Language requirement Ÿ   English: TOEFL IBT 71, CET level 6, IELTS level 6 or equivalent


Ÿ   If students do not have an official English score, the recommendation letter by a faculty will be needed to prove the student’s English proficiency enough to cope with the curriculum conducted in English.


Ÿ   In case exchange students will take the courses in Korea at Ajou, they should have above level 3 on TOPIK or equivalent.

Application documents Ÿ   Online application

–        Latest Official transcript in English (upload)

–        Self-Introduction Essay (upload)

–        Passport Copy (upload)

–        Face photo file in JPEG format (size should be less than 200kb)

–        Health & Medical Clearance Form : Fill out the form (local physician) and upload

–        Bachelor’s degree certificate (for graduate(master) only)


Ÿ   Individual applicants from a non-partner university should pay the application fee.


NO MAILING of original documents is required.

Admission package delivery date to home university Ÿ   Fall semester students : In the mid of July


Ÿ   Spring semester students : In the mid of January

Information on program
Services offered to exchange students Ÿ   Airport pick-up

Ÿ   Orientation, welcome reception

Ÿ   Cultural field trips, visit to global companies in Korea

Ÿ   Buddy program

Ÿ   Traditional university festival

Information on Accommodation All incoming exchange student can apply for the on-campus housing, but it shall not be guaranteed. In the past, almost 100% of exchange students stayed on- campus.


Ÿ   Types of on-campus housing at Ajou for exchange students.

–  International Dormitory (opened in Spring 2015): 2-person bedroom

–  Hwahong Hall: 2-people / 4-people sharing cone bedroom

* shared kitchen and bathroom




Ÿ   Housing Fee (for 2019 academic year)








* The above costs are based on the 2019 academic calendar and are subject to change


Ÿ   Information on housing http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter07_01.jsp

Tuition Exchange students pay tuition to their home institutions and tuition is waived at Ajou University. However, non-exchange students from partner universities, visiting students and students who apply independently (non- sister university / non-ISEP students) should pay tuition fee directly to Ajou University.


Item                       Fee (USD) / Semester (Approx.)

Tuition                   $3,600 ~ $4,400

Estimated costs for one semester stay The Estimated Budget for one semester (16 weeks) at the Ajou University is :
Items                                                         Fee (USD) / Semester (Approx.)

On-campus Housing                            $1,195 (2 bed room) Living Expenses (Meals etc.)            $450 * 4months = $1,800 Student support (book, etc.)           $300

Total                                                          $3,295

※ The above costs are a general guideline for estimation only and are subject to
change. Please refer the website at http://www.ajou.ac.kr/en/international/inter23.jsp
Visa requirements Students need to obtain the D-2-6 Visa with the admission and invitation letter which will be issued by Ajou.
Alien Registration All students who stay in Korea for more than 90 days must apply for the alien registration card within 90 days of entry. It usually takes 4-5 weeks for the ARC to be issued.


On-campus immigration service will be provided for one day in the beginning of the semester for all new foreign students.

Insurance requirements All exchange students should have Health insurance during their stay in Korea. Students need to purchase health insurance from their home countries, and submit the copy of the certificate to the Office of International Affairs at Ajou before arrival.


Health Check-up All students will be requested to submit the health and medical clearance form with their online applications as part of the required documents.


According to the government regulation, students with certain designated Nationalities (below) will need to submit tuberculosis test result upon D-2-6 visa applications. If students were not asked to submit the result upon visa application, they need to get re-tested for tuberculosis at the district public health center in Korea upon arrival.


All students must submit the result of their Tuberculosis test during the online application.


The designated countries are: China, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, East Timor, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Laos

Orientation All international students are required to attend the orientation. During the orientation, important information such as academic schedule, alien registration, and tips for living in Korea will be introduced to prepare students for life in Korea.


Ÿ   Orientation schedule

–        Spring 2019 semester : February 28, 2019 (tentative)

–        Fall 2019 semester : August 29 or 30, 2019 (tentative)

Meals and Food Students can buy various types of meals on and off-campus, and also cook some instant snacks in the shared kitchen of the dormitory. Students usually use the kitchen to cook noodles, toast, and small snacks or to keep their own food in the communal refrigerator. Normal meal prices range from 3,500 won to 7,000 won (approx. USD $ 3~7) per meal.
Opening a bank account This is optional. If students would like to open a bank account in Korea, they will need to bring an Alien Registration Card (Alien Registration Card information will be announced during the orientation) and a passport.


ISEP students should open a bank account in Korea to receive their meal stipend.

Other important information Every fall semester, there is Ajou International Day festival where students present their culture and food, and introduce their  school  to  Ajou.  It  is  a  good idea for students to bring traditional displays and costumes to wear to the festival.


Academic Calendar for Exchange students

2019 Academic Year


Spring 2019 Semester (Tentative)

Ÿ   Course registration (Tentative) Feb 11-12 (tentative)
Ÿ   Dormitory Opening (Tentative) Feb 26
Ÿ   Orientation (Mandatory) Feb 28 (tentative)
Ÿ   Classes Begin Mar 4
Ÿ   Course Change Mar 4 and 5 (tentative)
Ÿ   Course Drop Mar 21-22 (tentative)
Ÿ   Mid-term Exam Apr 22-26
Ÿ   Final Exam Jun 17-21
Ÿ   End of the Spring Semester Jun 21
Ÿ   Dormitory Moving-out Jun 22



Fall 2019 Semester (Tentative)

Ÿ   Course registration (Tentative) Aug 12-13
Ÿ   Dormitory Opening (Tentative) Aug 26
Ÿ   Orientation (Mandatory) Aug 29 or 30 (tentative)
Ÿ   Classes Begin Sep 2
Ÿ   Course Change Sep 2-3
Ÿ   Course Drop Sep 19-20
Ÿ   Mid-term Exam Oct 21-25
Ÿ   Final Exam Dec 18-24
Ÿ   End of the Fall Semester Dec 24
Ÿ   Dormitory Moving-out Dec 25

* The academic schedule for Fall 2019 will be updated during the Spring semester.


Korean National Holidays in 2019

Jan 1 Solar New Year’s Day June 6 Memorial Day
Feb 4-6 Lunar New Year’s Day Aug 15 Liberation Day
Mar 1 Independence Movement Day Sept 12-13 Chuseok(Thanksgiving Day)
May 5 Children’s Day Oct 3 National Foundation Day
May 6 Substitute holiday of Children’s day Oct 9 Hangul Proclamation Day
May 12 Buddha’s Birthday Dec 25 Christmas
May 13 Substitute holiday of Buddha’s Birthday